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The Unnoticed Work

Some days I see more use out of my BlackDiamond headlamp by replacing car parts, fixing washing machines, and exploring the dusty dark recesses of my home. More than actually exploring the outdoors. In contrast to the mountain views I'm used to, I was also buried deep in the bowels of my attic for a wee bit of electrical fun. Crampy, itchy, and warm-ish (claustrophobics need not apply)

I raise a glass to you hard-working folks who have butt loads of “weekend-work” after the work week ends. Small kids, side jobs, home renovations, aging parents, business-building, paperwork, etc. You name it.

Cheers to the dirty, the messy, the boring, and the unnoticed jobs. May the “list” get shorter and the memories grander.

I took this photo by setting it up on a tripod. Remote shutter using my phone and the Canon wireless app. Hence the glow shining on my face, but it looks like the headlamp light shining down. Used the attic wood as a foreground to make the image look very cramped. Which it was!

Canon T7i
50mm nifty fifty

Hope you enjoyed my work.

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