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Fast & Furious One

I like the Fast and Furious movies and I wanted to do a tribute to these movies.

Fast & Furious Movie. A personal project, shot at my studio in Monterrey, Mexico using a scale car model, studio flashes and diorama.

I did the terrain with corn flour, I prepared the mixture and spread it on the ground and then wait for it to dry to get the texture.

I used two studio flashes, scale car, corn flour, some digital manipulation and color grading to get these shot.

Canon 5D Mark III
EF24-70mm f/2.8L II · f/22 · 1/160s en f/22.0 · ISO 100
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More like a Mad Max tribute.

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Yes, maybe a little. What I tried to do was take a scene from the movie in the desert and do it my way, but thank you very much for the observation bro!

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Thanks man!

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Thanks Pat!!!