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Cait in the window

Cait and I were in the studio shooting edgy fashion. We thought it would be fun to shoot the same fashion in soft window light. I hope you like it.

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Jay Smith's picture

The shot is good. The lighting is also good. The left hand posing should break in the opposite direction, forming a " C ". Thank you for sharing this image.

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Thank you! Are you talking about the hand on her knee?

Jay Smith's picture

The model's left hand

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What was your set up? Lens choice. Plus any tips on how to get a pic looking that "natural"?

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Thank you! I almost exclusively shoot with my Nikkor 24-70 mm AFS F2.8. This Image was shot at 70mm. I'm happy you think it looks natural. What strikes you as "natural" ? Lighting? Expression ? Pose ?

Richard Wahab's picture

love the soft light and relaxed feeling Cait lends to the photo...

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Thank you Richard. That's what we were going for!

Flash Back's picture

Excellent low view point.

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Thanks! I try to get different angles when I shoot.

Rey cisneros's picture

Lovely picture I wood have bring out her sexiness

Hector Reyes's picture

Thanks Rey!

Patrick tucker's picture

love the lighting

Hector Reyes's picture

Thanks Patrick! It's hard to beat window light.