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Renaissance Nude

This shot was inspired by the work of Botticelli, Michelangelo, and other renaissance painters. This setup was achieved with three lights. A 40" collapsible beauty dish as key camera left, a 60" softbox for fill behind camera and slightly right, and a background light to light the canvas.

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Paola Padron's picture

mission accomplished„ it looks like Art, a beauty!


Very artistic !

Don L's picture

you got it going on...damn, I am very impressed!

david tennant's picture

And they did't have anything but canvas, pigment and genius.

Fritz Gessler's picture

ok. I love this one

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks! Glad you like it!

jim trotter's picture

great image.

Rich Bind's picture

Her arms and hands in circular motion give the picture more symmetry to her beautiful figure. The glint on her hair defines her natural elegance.

Funny that never use the word....symmetry? Proof reader?

davide colli's picture

Simply amazing work and Model. Davide

Emily Moore's picture

Thank you!