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This is where it all started for me. 4 years ago, I climbed my first ever peak and the view that got me hooked into alpine hiking was this mountain and lake. I'll never forget it; the entirety of the climb was through thick, condensed fog. But as we reached the summit of Comox Glacier, the clouds dropped beneath us and gave way to a view I'll never forget. Ever since then, hiking and exploring the alpine became part of who I am today. This naturally led me into landscape photography, and the dynamic duo of exploration and photography began.

Photographing Mount Harmston has been an objective of mine since that pivotal moment 4 years ago, and last weekend I finally fulfilled that dream. After 16km of bushwacking through the sub-alpine meadows and forests, climbing through boulder fields and steep gullies, we reached our basecamp. After eating some "tasty" dehydrated food, I packed up my photography gear and went scouting for a composition. Although sunset had little potential to produce good light, I knew the east face of Mount Harmston would get beamed with morning light. After 45 minutes of scouting, I found this spot. A clear view of the mountain and lake, leading lines in the rocks, and a flowery bush to give the foreground some life. This was the shot I was after.

Sunrise was exactly what I had hoped for. High clouds, calm winds and a clear horizon for the sun to light up the mountain. My dream shot became a reality.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the photo!

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