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Karolina fitness 01

My last fitness photoshoot with amazing Karolina. Light setup:
Main light with 90 deep octa without any gel, upright 45 down faced directly to my model. This gave me some muscle definition on her stomach. One light with standard 18cm reflector and blue gel on it on the right side. Shot on white background, flagged with v-flat to avoid too much color cast on her body. Second light on the left slide is another standard 18cm reflector with green gel, again flagged with v-flat to avoid too much color cast. V-flat turn white side do the model, to fill some shadow on her legs and back.

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I love the shot. It's funny because when I look at it, it appears dropped in, but when reading your notes I see it's not. I love that there is no spill of color on the model.

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Thank you!

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Really fantastic image and use of color!

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Thank you! :)

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Love all the colors here and the light on the model is just incredible! nice work.

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Thank you!! :)

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well done!

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Great fitness shot!

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Doing alot of fitnes model photography and must say this is amazing.

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Thank you very much!

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Great photo! Use of colors, check. Bomb lighting, check!! No carbs, check!

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Thanks!!! :)