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Creative Portrait

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Your model, your lighting and your posing are wonderful in this. We all see things differently, but have you thought about cropping out some of the background to make your image less busy?

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I don't find the background distracting at all. It sits nicely and passively and provides an extraordinary counterpoint to the beauty of the model.

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Is the lipstick real ?

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What kind of flash do you use?

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nikon sb800

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Thank You!

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Just right !

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Thank You Charles

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Excellent photo. Which lens did you use? (I'm currently trying to decide between a canon 85mm f1.8 and f1.4). Thanks and regards! ---Cam

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I used NIkon 70-200 VRII

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Great. Thanks. Regards.

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Nice looking photo with a very busy background.
Great shot. The lipstick is amazing. almost doesn't look real. I would love to see this shot on Medium format Hassy.

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Is this shot With the D850.

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Nope... Nikon D800