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Desert Princess

This picture is from one of my favourite shoots so far with the perfect model and perfect costume! I had taken a photography break for over a year and this was one of the first shoots I did when I picked up my camera again... well, not again, as I switched from my old Canon to Sony Alpha 7III! Shots like this really motivate me to go on with shooting fine art and fantasy topics.
Photo, MUA: Silver Pearl Photography
Model: Ginger Woods
Costume: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry

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This is a great example of fitting your subject effectively within its background! The repeating verticals frame in the head and shoulders and there is no edge distractions.

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Thank you very much! Finding matching backgrounds for my studio shots is always a bit of a challenge, so I'm very happy that you like it :)

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Hi Kim. Your very welcome. I love your work. I highlighted your work today on my website. I teach artist's and photographers design and I found your work to be exceptional. Here is the video link and I've hyperlinked to your website. This should drive up traffic to your site.