Slightly Overambitious Selfie

February 7, 2015

I bet you all know immediately what it is we are poking fun at in this one...

About us: We are are the BUNOs - four digital artists living in Switzerland (3 photographers and 1 digital painter/3D artist). Since last year, we have become really close friends with a common passion - creating awesome tongue-in-cheek images. Working with such a closely knit group of talented and supportive individuals has made all the difference for me and I'm overjoyed to be part of them.

John Flury -
John Wilhelm -
Jurek Gralak -
Christian Gerth -

120mm · f/5.6 · 1/100s · ISO 400
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Darrell Harris's picture so many ways

Steve Johnston's picture

this is awesome

Joshua Boldt's picture

I laughed hard

Now that's clever

David Geffin's picture

haha nice work

Jaydie Lee's picture

Take it easy on the rod. The thing on the end might smash in the ground Lol.

Don't worry. As they say in movies no animals (or cameras!) have been hurt in the making of this film.

Santhika Adi's picture

extreme selfie

Bruce Markos's picture

Would love to see this, but it is showing up as a dead image.

yeah for me too... weird. Here is an alternative link to it until the broken link is fixed:

I figured it out... I think due to the selection as POTD, they relocated the photo (on their server), but for you and me (and some other people) that happened to have this page in their cache, the link was broken. If you "reload" the page, the new link should be used and the photo will show.

Ross Haley's picture

Love it!!
I'm very curious to know where you found a left-handed version! ;)

hahaha!! I was wondering how long it would take until someone notices :D.

Justin Bridges's picture

Very 'effin' funny

Peter Stavrinides's picture

So Great hahaha !

Daniel O'Driscoll's picture

Awesome! Love the creativity behind this, nice work guys!

I saw this photo online somewhere a while back and I thought it was great, but now I know who took it and I am glad to know! This is a great shot. I love this photo!