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Jolie 01 - 70's Glam

It's pretty hard to stay creative during a lockdown and especially our 6th one in Victoria, Australia but when your partner is a model and makeup artist, one kinda gets motivated to kill the time.

It also helps when one has boxes full of things to play with and in this case we had...

Sunglasses: $12
Wig: $36
Result: Priceless

This was a simple setup using 2 hair lights at the back with a blue and a red gel.

Key light was a 1.2m parabolic softbox.

We shot this in front of a purple background and I added the retro pattern in post.

55mm · f/9.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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Love the whole thing. Well done

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Cool shot!

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Thanks Stefan

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