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Magic Mountains

Driving through the Highlands of Iceland was something really spectacular, you are continuously seeing incredible mountains on all sides.
But once there, when you see the view from the heights with the drone, is when your head explodes.

In this case I was planning to photograph the beautiful lake over the crater, but I realized there was much more than that, so I took a big panorama to capture as much as I could.

In the photo you can see the track that you drive on in the Highlands and the track that goes up and down to the lake.

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thomasdefranzoni's picture

Absolutely gorgeous shot!!!

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Thanks Thomas !!

joseph cole's picture

I feel like a broken record telling you how awesome your images are but god damn this is good lol, solid image Daniel

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hahaha thanks a million Joseph ! Really appreciate man !

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

Good lord that is beautiful

Daniel Viñé's picture

thanks !

Anto Camacho's picture

Just wonderful buddy 😜👏🏻

Daniel Viñé's picture

haha thanks a million man !!

chris bryant's picture

Super lush image (I’m slowly turning green).

Daniel Viñé's picture

haha thanks a million man !

Daniel Viñé's picture

thanks a million man !

Bryan Busby's picture

Jesus Christ, can't stop looking at it...

Daniel Viñé's picture

Thanks a lot buddy !!!!!

Nir Roitman's picture

Such an amazing shot and great composition. The colors are stunning and also the light. Feel like a different universe.

Daniel Viñé's picture

Thanks a lot Nir !!

Toni Pou's picture

Sin palabras tio !!!

Daniel Viñé's picture

Gracias Toni !!