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The Lost Realm of the North

"The Lost Realm of the North."

What inspires me the most as an artist is my pursuit of photographing extreme environments. Whether that be the otherworldly landscapes of Patagonia, or the Ominous peaks of the north, I find myself captivated by the dominion of these mountain ranges. The mountain that fascinated me the most, out of any mountain I've photographed, is Tombstone Mountain. The dark, chossy talus and eroded craggy spires make for a very daunting mountain.

As a photographer, I view my passion as more than taking snapshots in time. I want to display the mood and atmosphere of an environment. I hope that you, the viewer, is able to "feel" this photograph.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!

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An excellent image! The light play on the left bank really balances out the image wonderfully. The stream exposure is perfect.

All elements combined and the perfect lead into the background peaks make this truly a "World Class" shot!

Well done!

Thanks a lot, Peter!