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Can you imagine that some of the stories you have heard so much since you were a child could be true?
Can you imagine finding a place that could be historical and make the legends come to life?
Can you imagine that the sword Excalibur was hidden in Galicia?

Magnificent hidden corner while doing a route to photograph waterfalls in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia).

It has been difficult to fight with the dynamic range, the flashes of light and the "spry" of the waterfall that ended up showering me. Little space to place the tripod and position myself with the water soaking my boots and part of my pants.
But these are things you get used to putting up with when you are passionate about this type of photography.
The magic of Nature never disappoints.

16mm · f/6.3 · 4s · ISO 64
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congrats on editors pick, love the smooth water

One could almost see Excalibur appear amid the flow, ephemeralness and mystery of the water.

Muy guapa Borja! Enhorabuena por el Editor’s Pick!

Muchísimas gracias Hugo! Un placer que te guste crack