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The Watchtower of Asgard

Our stay at Divide Lake was a landscape photographer's dream come true. In 3 days, we had fog, sun, rain, Aurora, and rainbows. This particular day had it all. While the rest of our crew stayed around camp, I ventured out to this location along the shoreline.

As I dialed in my composition, the weather turned, and heavy rain clouds entangled the mountains in front of me. Within minutes, I was pelted with heavy rain and wind. Patience is critical in landscape photography, so with that in mind, I hunkered down and waited for the weather to ease up.

Thankfully, my patience paid off, and I was rewarded with one of my favorite displays of light I witnessed during my stay in Tombstone. Lasting no more than a few seconds, the sun beamed through the clouds and completely transformed the scene in front of me.

This is what I dreamt about for years before this trip. Dramatic, powerful displays of light complemented with epic mountains. You can call me a "mainstream" landscape photographer, but wide-angle photography in these conditions is hard to beat.

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