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Here's my first released image from my trip down to the California Redwoods with @brycemironuck_photography! Although I live less than 2 hours from multiple old-growth forests, I prioritized visiting these incredible forests. The size of these trees are second to none, and the beautiful rhododendrons that bloom in June make these Groves a paradise to experience and photograph.

On this particular day, my camera equipment started to fail me. Not due to mechanics issues, but the simple physics of shooting in foggy and wet conditions made all my lenses fog up simultaneously. Thankfully, Bryce came through and allowed me to use his camera to shoot this scene. What goes around, comes around! (I gave Bryce my z6 in Tombstone as his camera took a bath in a lake). Just as I began composing my shot, the sun broke through and filled the foggy forest with soft light. In no less than a minute, I got the shot I needed. It's amazing how light can transform a landscape.

I hope you enjoy!

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