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The Atmospherist

This portrait was a commissioned shoot by a professional "atmostpherist." Jason is an artist that combines his experience in product design and visual merchandising to create stories and a sense of atmosphere. His work often skews toward the side of whimsy and he wanted a portrait that captured him in that light.

I was traveling for this shoot so my equipment resources were fairly limited, this is a one light setup using a Godox AD600pro and a large octagonal softbox. I shot the portrait in a small room at the artist's studio. We used several of the decor elements in his studio to create a little bit of atmosphere and the fireflies were added later in post production. Initial exposure and toning was done in Lightroom, but compositing and final image editing was completed with Adobe Photoshop

85mm · f/5.6 · 1/200s · ISO 640
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I love this so much!

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Thank you Jessica!

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Simply superb. The colors are perfect.