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Marie Grippon

Portrait in studio with one profot d2 and an octabox 120cm using feathering
FE 90mm - 1/125s - f/4,0 - ISO100 - sony a7iv

Model: https://www.instagram.com/mariegrippon/
Photo & retouching: https://www.instagram.com/monsieur_s_photographe/

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Great shot, but why did you choose to leave the fly away hairs on the face?

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I chose to leave it because it's a natural portrait, in beauty shot i would have fixed it in photoshop but not for this one

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ok. just found it a little distracting. But, still a great shot

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Thank you for keeping the fly-away hairs. It keeps it "real". She's beautiful and so is the portrait!!

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"It keeps it "real"."
was there any retouching done?
No,no more or less real than any other portrait. it's just personal preference...and it looks great.

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Wonderful portrait! Congrats on being selected for Photo of the Day!

By the way, is it just me, or does her facial structure very closely resemble that of Gemma Arterton?

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Thank you Tom! I didn't know Gemma Arterton but (thanks Wikipedia) yes, their faces are close, noses are differents but eyes & mouth are similar

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To me, they look alike from this one particular angle. But you know how it is, take a photo from a slightly different angle and they may look completely different from one another.

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Beautiful shot and portfolio!

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Marie is a stunning model. Your shots of her is unbelievable. Just post more photo of her please and less photoshop I believe. If the lighting and speed is correct, the photos don’t need retouching. Great job