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Whiskey on Fire

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Love it Brian and Congrats... Following.

Thanks Felix! I'm a huge fan of your work! Just saw your new article in Retouched Magazine "Color Grading For Composites With Impact". Great Read!

Thanks Brian... Well, now I'm a fan of your great work... Hope you enjoyed the article in Retouched... I had a hard time writing and trying to explain in a non native language... but did my best effort... So, see you around here!

Yeah, I definitely enjoyed the article in Retouched Mag. You did a great job of explaining everything :)

Spot-On Product Shot!! Great post-edit work!! -JP

Thanks ohnOmon Photo!

Very effective at getting the message across. Well done.

Thanks Paul!

Again: really well done and a great image, inspiring

That's awesome, thanks for the comment Boris :)

Amazing work!

Thanks so much!

Great work Brian - Looks fantastic!

Thanks Blake!

For some reason, I keep coming back to look at this shot every few weeks. Really amazing work!

Thanks Richard, that really means a lot man! What an awesome compliment :)