Women Street Photographers Show That the Genre Is Not Just for the Boys

Women Street Photographers Show That the Genre Is Not Just for the Boys

Women have always played a big role in the photography world, but this fact is not always apparent. Street photography in particular has always lacked a strong female presence. Women Street Photographers aims to change that perception. 

Women Street Photographers started as an Instagram feature account that not only aimed to draw attention to the female photographers in the field but also to encourage other women to follow their passion. But as of December 18, it has turned into a New York exhibit that is featuring the work of more than 75 women. This curated selection of work is currently on display along with a brief story from the artist as to how the image was captured. 

In a World of Unicorns by @nikigle: “Walking on the beach, I saw two men hugging with an amazing expression. Magic happened when the kids in the background flew the floating Unicorn in the air! At that moment, I realized that this was a strong image. It’s those rare moments, and I felt my heart beating like crazy"

The gallery and account were founded and are curated by Gulnara Samoilova. Gulnara is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer and former Associated Press photojournalist. I personally recognize her for her images taken during 9/11 that you have undoubtedly seen.  

If you are in the area during the exhibit, definitely stop by and show your support. Until then, you can follow Women Street Photographers on Instagram to keep up with the work and stories for each image. 

Lead Image by @efratsela: Tel Aviv Yarkon park, 2017. “From a far distance, I noticed a group of ultra-Orthodox youth. I walked towards them; as I approached, they were next to a big white modernist sculpture. The contrast was beautiful. Two of them were climbing up while the teacher in the background asked them to move on. Luckily, I was there to catch the moment.”

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Carl Murray's picture

I keep thinking that as well, if there was some gallery that hosted a "ONLY MEN" kind of thing, I would want nothing to do with it.

Ivar Dahl Larsen's picture

In street photography, as in who did what, whichever genre of photography, gender is not important but the image itself! Individually you'll find all stages of quality regardless of gender. So why this title?

Correlation does not imply causation. In other words, just because there are not many women in street photography does not mean that it's because men don't want them there, or because of some other nefarious reason. It could just be because most women don't find it interesting, or that it's just not their thing. Does sexism happen, yes, but even more dangerous than that is saying it exists where it doesn't because there's nothing you can do to actually fix something that's not really broken.

user-197686's picture

Is this perception based on any solid statistics? Honestly the way I discover new photography nowadays is using social media and I see a lot of interesting and compelling work from many women.
These days is lot easier to share your work but a maybe harder to get noticed.

yanpekar's picture

Don't think such statistics exist, or can be put together. I am guessing but it looks more like an attempt to get publicity using a made up "issue" which is not really an "issue" (I was not aware there is an "issue" until I saw this article). I believe that saying "I feel I am not represented because I am a woman photographer" is an excuse people make to justify their lack of work, lack of clients, and lack of representation. Similar to "I do not get many clients because I am not as talented as <name>", "I do not get many jobs as I live in a small city", "I do not go shooting because it is raining"...Nothing related to gender. It is all down to personal efforts, where we have to make efforts to get noticed, to get better, to explore new channels where our work can be seen. As an example, one of my colleagues with whom I shoot events, gets more jobs than I do, simply because she is a better marketer and is able to represent herself on more channels. Another lady, one of my students, just won Sony street photography competition, because she made efforts in getting better and were not afraid to enter the competition and represent her work publicly.

Hi Yan, Just to remind you - not so long ago....
(I'm one of the photographer from the reportage above..)

yanpekar's picture

I am not clear on how it is related to street photography. I can't judge what and why Nikon did as I am not aware of the requirements for putting that team of man together.

William Howell's picture

I don’t understand why President Trump won’t let women do street photography? They seem like they would be good at it, they have boobies after all!

Edit: this post is an attempt at humor.

Tim Ericsson's picture

"attempt" being the important word.