5 Things to Avoid With Your Headshot Sessions

Headshots really aren't rocket science, but sub-par images being created, which can break the personal brand for which they are intended. This short video points out five relatively simple things that can be fixed with a little preparation before your next headshot session.

The idea of a headshot is to capture someone's face in a manner that best represents them in whichever capacity they are trying to market for themselves. Actors need to portray various characters, doctors and business professionals need to portray a demeanor that inspires confidence in their services, and still others need headshots captured in a way that portrays a certain mood or characteristic of their presence that they are sharing.

This video is great for photographers because it can give you an idea of things you need to look out for and catch before they ruin your shots. Models, potential clients, and those that find themselves in front of the camera could also benefit from watching because it can help you adequately prepare for your headshot session before you even show up to the shoot. Because the nature of a headshot is relatively simple, as there is typically not much to it outside a person's face, a shirt or top garment, and a basic backdrop, there's more room to nitpick what you're seeing because literally the only thing to look at is the person's face. So, these minor issues outlined in this helpful video tend to stand out that much more because those little things are front and center along with the subject's face.

It is incredibly helpful to have some simple conversations before the shoot to plan out outfits, makeup, and these smaller details that all come together in that final shot to guarantee the success of your shoot. Some of the tips here will be common sense to some. For example, I don't know of a single actor out there that would be caught dead with a piece of gum in their mouth while in the middle of a production (or photoshoot), but your average person might not even think of it until it's pointed out. So, give it a watch, and make your next headshot session that much more of a success.

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