[Community] Peter Hurley's Facebook Group Offers Even More Instruction For The Headshot Photographer

stream download peter hurley art behind the headshot Peter Hurley is pretty well known among the Fstoppers crowd but after the release of his highly anticipated DVD, The Art Behind The Headshot, Peter has become an inspiration to hundreds of photographers around the world. If you've purchased his 4 hour training session on how to take the perfect headshot then you know just how powerful his teaching techniques can be for your career. But what you might not know is Peter has created an interactive community on Facebook for those of you who want even more instruction!

If you've already purchased The Art Behind The Headshot, you need to join The Artists Behind The Headshot Facebook Group. Not only can you post your own photos and have Peter critique them directly but you can also talk business with other photographers who have purchased Peter's digital tutorial or attended his Headshot Intensive. I just got off a private conference call with Peter and his guest speaker Delane Rouse (who photographed over 800 lawyers in 2011!) It was really amazing to have over 25 photographers logged on and sharing business tips on exactly how they are making money in their local communities. These extra help sessions are only available to those who are members of the private Facebook group so join now! The information shared tonight was worth it's weight in gold, and it's inspiring to hear how people are turning their photo hobbies into full blown careers!

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The group is a perk for purchasing the DVD, so if you have purchased it then send me your invoice ID# from your fstoppers receipt and I'll enter you into the group.  Only one person per invoice ID#, so make sure you have it and you are all set!  If you haven't then grab that sucker and get involved.  Hope to hear from you soon! 

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Best wife in the world gave me the DVD for an anniversary gift. It's amazing. I was thrilled to be invited to the FB group. Peter really is committed to teaching and giving back. I was on the phone call tonight. Great stuff and Peter being Peter. Fantastic. Looking forward to more opportunities to learn from both Peter and the other amazing photogs in the group.

This video is one of the best out there!!! Great tips for getting people to do the things you need them to do, to get the right shot. This I not only apply to head shots but also to help people be more confident in front of the camera which is the hardest part for most people. Making them look good is what we all want.  Makes us look good too! 

What if you don't have the invoice ID.  I believe I deleted that email 

Nevermind   finally found it.

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Well Peter has everyones name and email on his end too

would be nice if there was actually a group for those who REALLY don't have money to afford the DVD...

there are tons of headshot groups on Flickr, Facebook, and other blogs.  The benefit of this group is that Peter himself helps you with your portraits.  I understand that not everyone has $300 laying around but if you are a professional or aspire to become a professional, $300 is really not much for an investment and I'm sure anyone learning from Peter can easily make that money back (probably in one headshot). 

I understand, I didn't question the fact you won't learn from the DVD. My point was that if you can't afford the DVD you could have a group for those who haven't bought it, they can submit a photo and see what PH thinks based on your knowledge before you watch the dvd, and get some kind of critique....probably to understand if you really want to buy it or not. Btw...off topic.....how do you know my friend Brad Baker??? I see you too are friends on FB...small world...

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Right now we can't afford the $300, got a big trip coming up, but after we'll probably look into it and join the group when we do buy it