The Importance Of Angles... Before And After

UPDATE: Original video was removed, but we found it again! In order to make our subjects look their best we need to be shooting them from the correct angles. Peter Hurley is the master at this and in his DVD he gives so many fantastic tips on how to accomplish taking photos of people looking their best. This YouTube video that popped up today on Reddit is probably the best example I have yet to see of how the simple change of an angle will give your subject an entirely different look. This is might just be the best 14 seconds of your day!

In the video the girl talking in Korean says, "The importance of angles." I couldn't agree more. It is amazing the transformation from the start to the end of the video by simply adjusting the angle and window lighting. If you want a sneak peek into the magic of using proper angles when shooting check out this 15 minute video from Peter Hurley. But if you are serious about mastering the skill and helping all your clients look better in photos I cannot recommend enough his entire 4-hour tutorial which is available here.

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Thanks for posting. It's always important to remember how important angles and lighting are when shooting.

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... this post seems like it's basically
"hey, check out this cool video, buy this DVD"
while I DO agree you bring up a good point that photographers should always be conscious of and work on... this post doesn't really do much beyond that

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Beto, I went back and forth about whether or not I should turn this into a long article about posing, head positioning, lighting etc. But what it really came down to was that I thought the video of the Korean girl was fantastic and Peter Hurley covered all the rest so just decided to share both. Figured it was a lot better than trying to add a bunch of other fluff.

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Fair enough sir :)

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Best post on Fstoppers so far...

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"content removed by user"

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This video has been removed by the user.

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video isn't loading! :(

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This is pointless without a link to the 14 second video.
Here is another link.

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Where's the video?

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it says video is private....

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WOW! that was crazy! i really think i need to buy that DVD and brush up my portrait skills. nice post. mahalos for sharing