Peter Hurley: Free Seminar At BH Photo Oct 6th

Many of you know we have been working our asses off producing our first full length Headshot Tutorial with Peter Hurley the most successful headshot photographer in the US. We wrapped up the final production on Monday and threw a fun Fstoppers party to celebrate the end of a very long but rewarding project (thanks for waiting guys). For those of you who are around the NYC area, Peter is doing a free seminar called The Basic Headshot at the BH Photo Store in Manhattan. The event starts at 3pm and Peter would love to answer your questions. After filming Peter work for over 5 days and recently experiencing his magic first hand, I have to say that what Peter brings to the table is useful for more than just headshots. If you make a living from shooting people in front of your camera (or want to make a living doing it) you need to check out Peter's seminar. It's guaranteed to change the way you work with your clients. Update: Watch most of the recorded lecture here (wonder who the guy is at 17:40).

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Laurian Ene's picture

I like this sort of post, when its not past the deadline.

I would of Loved to see Peter but its too late by the time you posted this. 

Christopher-Kasey Breneman's picture

Well you are in luck because it is tomorrow.

Laurian Ene's picture

registrations are closed, and a 6hr drive for a "waitlist" is...... This is Peter, i doubt the waitlist will be short or worthwhile. 

But again, this would of been awesome, a few days ago. This is sort of "This is an awesome thing that you can't have" post.

Lee Morris's picture

If you want to drive 6 hours I'll personally call Peter for you and I'm sure he can get you in. 

Laurian Ene's picture

Thats a sexy offer if i've ever heard one! I'll try the stream this time around. 

Patrick Hall's picture

registration was closed before Peter even knew about the BH post.  I guess we will find out tomorrow how many people actually showed up.  

Patrick Hall's picture

Here is the deal guys.  The registration has maxed out at 125 but BH told Peter only 75 will probably show up.  So if you show up there is a good chance you can get in with standing room....but I wouldn't drive 3 hours.

Patrick Hall's picture

Oh and I just got off the phone with Peter and he said he is going to try to stream it on his channel here:

Laurian Ene's picture

Thats the kind of info i like to read about! Thanks Patrick.

patrick's picture

Will there be a DVD or something that we could maybe buy in the future?? For people like me (us) who were not able to go to the seminar?? Or maybe buy the full length tutorial in the future?? 

Max Leitner's picture

There is a DVD coming up, you can find it here:

Is there anyone attending the Intensive in November? I just signed up... so stoked!

patrick's picture

Thank you for the info Max...