Peter Hurley Teaches From Zero To #Shabang!

When it comes to getting the best expressions out of your subject, Peter Hurley is one of the best out there. Two years ago we teamed up with Peter and produced the critically acclaimed The Art Behind the Headshot. This year Peter Hurley is joining us in the Bahamas for the 2014 Fstoppers Workshops. His two day headshot intensive has already sold out but there is still room in his newest lecture series From Zero To Shabang! Check out this video for details on what Peter has in store for this class, and head over to for more information about all the other classes being taught in paradise.

If you are not familiar with Peter's teaching style, check out this viral video he produced that shows how much a difference a slight squint can make in your subjects overall appearance (he has a lot of great videos on his youtube channel)

For more information about this workshop, check out our promo video below:

And if you want to travel with your family or friends, check out all the fun things Atlantis has to offer in our video The Most Ridiculous Atlantis Camera Review :

If you have any further questions or need assistance signing up for classes and rooms, feel free to contact us directly during weekdays and we can help.

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Timothy Jace's picture

Why does he sound like a pro wrestler in WWE?

Bruno Inácio's picture

Super Sized American Marketing!

It's almost impossible to listen what he is saying!
Fortunately his DVD isa little bit more relaxed!

Timothy Jace's picture