The Anatomy Of A Beauty Retouch

As many of you know, Patrick and I are in NYC shooting Peter Hurley's DVD. We have spent every second awake at his studio in Manhattan or on the train coming to and from Brooklyn. We have not had a second to read all of the emails coming in and so we are very behind on keeping up with the current BTSVs. We will get to them after this weekend. Until then, enjoy this older (but unposted) post production tutorial by Sean Armenta.

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I was thinking, there is a semi-new technique that I use for my retouching tat you may e interested in, it's called 'Frequency Retouching' it's very useful as the texture of the skin and the skin colour is separated so retouching is easier to do... just a short google search will send you in the right direction. I do have a 16bit and an 8 bit CS5 action of the frequency retouching, just let me know if you would like it :)

Great tutorial, very easy to follow and understand!

great video. thanks for sharing

Great rundown of a way to do beauty retouch

this is very helpful! thanks a lot Sean for making this! and of course Lee for posting it!

Found it kinda hard to follow as the cursor didn't show up very clearly and he was working so fast. Otherwise would have been really useful.

Amazing stuff!

I just can't help but say that this dude is a total beast. I have enjoyed each tutorial of his that I've seen. I don't know alot about editing fashion or beauty shots, nor do I have any experience, but Sean makes things simple and easy to watch and follow along with. And after watching I feel inspired to go and try it myself. Thanks FS and Sean.

I watched this tutorial on Sean's blog the other day and I am still impressed.

I would like to see Sean as a regular here on Fstoppers and definitely more tutorials from him.

Thanks goes out to Fstoppers and especially Sean.

Thanks for sharing! Great tutorial, I definitely learned some new retouching techniques.


Thanks for sharing! Great tutorial, I definitely learned some new retouching techniques.


Great video. Thanks so much for posting - I'm just about to do my first beauty shoot, so should come in handy then!

Wouhooo great video ! Thanks folks :)

interesting quote "sorry that this was such a long video"
ha - I don't know anyone who can retouch that fast.
Thank you very much for the post. This was a great tutorial and I hope to refer to it a few more times.

very thorough! thanks for posting

Always love a good retouch video!