Clean and Crisp Product Photography Made Simple With Some Affordable Equipment

If you're interested in becoming a commercial product photographer but you don't have access to a large studio, powerful strobes, or innumerable backgrounds; don't be dismayed. There are plenty of lighting and compositing tricks you can learn in order to build that killer portfolio that will land you better-paying gigs.

In this video, product photographer and educator, Dustin Dolby, is back again with his trademark blend of practical tips and smooth delivery. This week he's tackling an icy-blue bottle of mouthwash and uses some simple Photoshop techniques to create a pleasing monochromatic image that the folks at Listerine would be proud of.

It's difficult to understate the importance of an efficient workflow when you don't have the resources that for-purpose studios have. For instance, in all his videos, Dolby is working in quite a confined space, yet it doesn't deter him from pumping out quality imagery. He does this by working within his limitations. Possibly most notably, is his selecting of affordable equipment, but I want to draw your attention to his choice of grip. Virtually all of his tutorial videos are focused on relatively small products, and because of this, he can go without the need for a large flat surface. So, in order to maximize the use of his space, he invested a small amount of money on a mini mount plate like this one

If anyone has ever tried to photograph products in a cramped space with only a bulky table for a flat surface then you know the frustration that comes with trying to maneuver your lights around the four legs of a table. 

Have our readers used any of the techniques shown in this video?

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