How To Dodge And Burn A Beauty Shot In Photoshop

Remember Sean Armenta? He created this BTSV for our contest a few months ago. His previous video did a great job of showing us how he actually lit the shot but not much on retouching. Learn the other half of the story below in this top notch tutorial.

Sean Armenta | Dodge & Burn Technique from Sean Armenta on Vimeo.

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Let me know if you guys like or dislike the Photoshop tutorials. If so, we may make them a weekly thing.

I would like to more of these Photshop tuts.

Bring them on!

I found it really interesting.

I find this video very useful. Very nice work! Im looking forward to see more

more ps tutorials please

Yes, Lee!!! Please bring in more tutorials like this. I've seen this video a while back and it literally changed the way I dodge and burn. If it wasn't for this video, never in a million years I would have thought of setting a limit on my d&b technique. Many thanks to you guys at FStoppers for posting all of these helpful videos; and big thanks to Sean Armenta for taking the time to show us some of his techniques. More power to you all!!!

Definitely, more stuff like this one!

I usually hate PS tutorials because rarely are they this high quality. We will try to keep an eye out for top notch PS tutorials though. This one in particular was a huge help to me. I've never seen it done like this before.

yes more PS tuts please
you are correct more are really low rez.

Very interesting and useful
Keep bringing them on :)

This was great! More of these PS tuts would be a great addition.

Great video. Thanks guys.

Love this! Keep'em coming :D

Definetly more please! Thanks :)

I'll use this technique. More photoshop tutorials would be great.

Shannon Wimberly's picture

OH YEAH! I have been using PHotoShop since version 2.5, and consider myself fully capable in it... and I have learned allot in these vids...bring it on!

I love the retouching videos, however, I am a little bit biased. Check out Natalia Taffarel's free intro video with raw conversion as well.

If the PS Tutorials will be as in depth as this or even more in depth HELL YA I would love to see them on a weekly basis!

thank you!

Thats an pretty cool way to do it.
Yeah, would love to see more PS tuts if possible!
Got my vote on that.
Thanks for the video

photoshop and lightroom and workflow tutorials yes please :)

As others above really - all for qood quality, useful and informative PS videos.

As you said Lee, I'm always on for a good Photoshop tutorial, but they're not all good. I'd take a lot more if they were all that good !

bring it on!!

Sean Armenta's picture

Thanks everyone and I'm glad they were of help to you. The complete retouching process of my contest entry can be found here, which I had also posted under my entry thread. This video is just to demonstrate my preferred method for dodging and burning. As you can see, there are several other applications you can perform using this technique which is why it's so versatile.

Future tutorials are in the works, and because I do want to present high quality content for you, it does take me some time. The main reason I entered the contest was so that I could continue to provide informative videos. You can follow my blog at as well as ask me questions at

Of corse! i love photoshop tutorials! is a very important program for any photographer! amateur or profesional! more tutorials will be welcome!

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In your Freedom and Fashion photoshoot you used a mount for your camera that allows both vertical and horizontal movement without the need to move the entire system. Something that can't be done with a tripod. What is it called?

Yes, loving the PS tuts, also anything with lightroom

agreed, this was great. happy to see more of them.