How "MotionScan" Just Took Video Games One Step Closer To Real Life

I enjoy playing some video games but I actually enjoy the technology that goes into creating them even more. Check out the video below where Rockstar Games takes us behind the scenes of their new technology called "MotionScan". I am so excited to see this implemented in all of the games that are produced in the future. Of course graphics aren't everything, which the greatest game of all time proves.

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Patrick Hall's picture

I thought the greatest game of all time was Mario Kart 64, or Zelda 64...or Mario 64; funny how the best games were all from one console system

Ya I do play Mario Kart 64 more than I play Bond these days. Back in high school I think I wasted half of my life playing Bond.

Jon Schanz's picture

Goldeneye > All

Seriously, the new adaptation on the Wii is even sweet.

Anyways, I give it 5 years before it's more cost effective to make movies like this than with film and real actors. Just do a quick head scan, pop it into a computer and boom: instant actor ready to be put into any situation.

Incredible ! Faces were the biggest problem with Rockstar games (GTA serie), looks like it's not anymore.

I would tend to agree that bond was the best game for the 64, oh the days of all nighters with my friends....

Man, that was kind of amazing... I even picked up some micro-facial expressions in the rendered shots. Looks like this might up the ante in terms of actor talent for video games that use this tech. sweet

WOW! Motion Picture quality special effects in video games. I saw a similar approach in the behind the scenes videos of Matrix 2 and 3. It is beautiful! I think this technology BENEFITS actors, because now there is more work for them. Today, an aspiring actor can audition for a role in a video game and have his/her performance fully captured, and even show it as a portfolio piece for future work!

We photographers talk a lot about photo technology with regard to it making our jobs easier, more efficient. I'd be curious to see what technology or tools photographers use that, we believe, gives us more opportunity to work. My vote would be memory cards: They have allowed us the freedom to shoot whenever, however we want.

Only a matter of time before we can pay X amount of dollars to get ourselves cast as starring role in a video games.

@Patrick s. I loved goldeneye on the N64. At the time the graphics were amazing. I hate to think how many hours of my life got lost on that game. It was perfect with 4 pads and 3 friends and a bong. lol