Proof Viral Hurricane Shark Photo In Street Is Fake!

hurricane shark puerto rico fakeHurricane Irene is battering the East Coast of the US right now which has left many stuck in their homes browsing the internet for storm updates. One particular story that has filled my facebook news feed and was tweeted by CNN involves a shark swimming in the streets of Puerto Rico. Apparently the shark was swept up by Hurricane Irene and trapped inland on flooded streets of the Caribbean island. But something about the photo seems very suspecious. A few weeks ago Fstoppers correspondent Reese Moore interviewed photographer Thomas Peschak and one of his most famous images features the same shark making headlines today. Coincidence or is this shark just hungry for more media attention? Check out the two images below and you be the judge.

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Kevin Luc's picture

Without a doubt, that image has been Photoshopped

Jeremy Hohertz's picture

I vote for shopped.

Jason Lei's picture

no denying

jojo mamangun's picture

kudos to the PS skills of the guy who did that!

Kevin Luc's picture

Here it is with Error Level Analysis

Patrick Hall's picture

just read that and I'm still not sure what it means.  The original photo was not faked.  But even a real photo might have a bunch of resaves or possible photoshop done to it (levels, colors, contrast, etc).  

Kevin Luc's picture

Sorry, I meant to paste a link with the hurricane shark linked.  Here's an article on the hoax

Of course its fake I never thought it would go so far, I just made it to make my FB friends laugh. Thank You to all who like it and had a good time, that was my only intention, peace.

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha I have to admit it's pretty awesome when CNN tweets out your friend joke photo!

Motti Bembaron's picture

Ya, so much for double checking. As long as they tweeted it first, right? :-)

Today's scoops... :-(

That would be a pretty crazy sight though. I have friends and family on the Outer Banks (coast of NC).. so they may very well get some crazy photos after the hurricane passes. I'll keep my eyes open for any real sharks. My guess is they would be dead on the beach though.

So... are both photos faked?

Patrick Hall's picture

The original is real. I think Reese talked about it in her interview; it really happened.  

Chris Thorn's picture

Umm..which one is the original?

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

yup. fake.

it obviously photoshopped but i wouldnt doubt a shark being there somewhere, i was in puerto rico on tuesday and there was some points where we drove through 3 feet of water, its very bad there and if i wasnt stuck in the car with my family it would make for some newsworthy shots

is anyone serious here? i mean they guy took this out of his car window and it obviously looks like its about 3 feet to the ground. so what is the shark  2" tall? flat shark?
are people this stupid? really ....

Patrick Hall's picture

most shark attacks happen in 3 feet of water August....and if it's anything like Charleston the flooding could have caused it to be 4 feet deep

I call shenanigans!

Michael Battenberg's picture

It's real!!

(just kidding)

ATELIER NOLA's picture

 Don't know... but this is real for sure!  :)

(from Hector R. Fernandez' facebook wall)