How to Photograph a Translucent Product on a White Background

A product shot on a clean, white background with no distractions is a look that will always be in demand, though it presents some challenges to the photographer creating the image. Those challenges increase when the product is translucent and lets light through it, but this excellent video tutorial will show you how to deal with such a situation to produce a professional final image. 

Coming to you from Dustin Dolby with workphlo, this helpful video tutorial will show you how to photograph a translucent product on a white background. Even if you do not shoot products professionally, taking the time to photograph one occasionally is a great exercise, as it really pushes your lighting technique and ability to solve problems with things like difficult reflections. And since it does not require a lot of space, it is something you can do at home as a weekend afternoon project or the like. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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