A Simple and Straightforward Product Photography Walkthrough

Product photography is a tough genre that will really challenge your lighting skills and attention to detail. The great part about it, though, is that you can practice it at home, even if you do not have much space, and the techniques you pick up are applicable to a wide range of other genres. To help you get started, this great video tutorial will show you a simple and straightforward product shoot walkthrough.

Coming to you from Lucy Martin, this awesome video tutorial will show you a straightforward product photography walkthrough, including how to set up a home studio, different ways to light, how to use props, and more. Even if you do not do product photography professionally, it is definitely worth taking a weekend afternoon to try it out. The challenges and problem-solving the genre brings with it can really push you to perfect your technique. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Martin. 

If you would like to learn more about product photography, be sure to check out "The Hero Shot: How To Light And Composite Product Photography With Brian Rodgers Jr.," which is currently on sale along with all other Fstoppers tutorials.

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Sorry to say...the results do not look professional. They are not even close to professional product photography...the lighting resulting in hard shadows does not seem to be correct. I would not deliver these to a Client.