A Photographer's Take on the New iPhone XS Camera

One of the main attractions for every manufacturer's yearly phone update is their camera. Is the new iPhone camera any better than its predecessor?

It might sound crazy to some, but I try to keep my phone updated every year, mostly to stay up to date with current technology, but also because of how much I use my phone. It's the camera I have with me 24 hours a day, my email workstation, and my main connection to the outside world. I'll admit if prices continue to steadily increase, I may not be able to keep up every year. Personally, one of the most important upgrade aspects for me is the camera. Even though the majority of the photos I take are simply for memory, I enjoy pushing the limits of what I can get out of just my phone. 

Tyler Stalman is a professional photographer who's done multiple comparisons to show how versatile the camera on your phone can be. In this video, he goes over the improvements of the iPhone XS' new camera and talks about how its 30-percent increased sensor size actually matters in the real world. While he does use an iPhone 7 as his main comparison, he also includes an iPhone X throughout the review. Increasing megapixels gives manufacturers more to talk about, but it is not the most important thing we need to see upgraded in new phone cameras. I would absolutely take better low light and dynamic range over megapixel count any day. This is exactly what Stalman focuses on throughout his comparisons. 

How often do you use your phone to take photos? Specifically, how often do any of those photos make it to your social media portfolio? 

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Bryan York's picture

As someone who is still using a iphone 5s and considering upgrading in the future this was very helpful. I also am attempting to sell on adobe stock and a good walk about camera is helpful

Alex Armitage's picture

I shoot on my iPhone X all the time! I try to insist to people that if they want to get into photography they can start with their phone.