Just How Good Is the Canon EOS R7 Mirrorless Camera?

Canon's 7D line of APS-C DSLRs were very popular during their time, offering many features and capabilities from high-level professional cameras in much more affordable bodies. The EOS R7 has continued that in the mirrorless age, and in the meantime, it has also brought with it a wide range of new features and upgrades that make it appealing for a lot of creatives. This great video review takes a look at the EOS R7 in a challenging scenario and just how far you can push those capabilities. 

Coming to you from Brent Hall, this awesome video takes a first look at the new Canon EOS R7 mirrorless camera for wildlife photography. Wildlife work has long been one of the most popular applications for high-level APS-C cameras, as they carry the sort of advanced features (like high burst rates and refined autofocus) the genre demands, while the crop factor gives the photographer more reach without having to splash out on another often stratospherically priced lens. Nonetheless, it is a challenging genre that often pushes autofocus and high-ISO capabilities to the limits, making it a good test for a camera's abilities. Altogether, I think the EOS R7 performs admirably for the price, as long as you understand its operating envelope well. Check out the video above for Hall's full thoughts. 

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Tom Jones's picture

I hated my 7d.The mirror was not properly counterbalanced (unlike in comparable Nikon cameras), introducing camera shake in most shots. It was overly lubricated which sprayed oil over the viewfinder glass the first time I shot with multiple shots. It shut down at temperatures around freezing, making an Antartica trip problematic. And it rarely focused accurately unless I used mirror lockup. I sent it back to Canon and they said it was performing "As designed". I now have a Canon R5 which is great.

Dan Jefferies's picture

If you're buying this for the Raw Burst Mode I say don't do it. I have been offerd NO solutions and can't contact Canon for the life of me. I posted this in the Canon Forum and can't even sign in to Canon Community since their confirmation emails are also a disaster. Here is what I posted to the forums, and, of course, no Reply..

Canon R7 Deal Killer: Raw Burst Mode. Do I return it?

The ONLY way I can access the "raw" files is in camera. DPP4 is returning error messages that it only supports raw burst mode files WHILE TRYING TO OPEN THEM. The files that I copied over to my computer couldn't be read so I transferred them back to the SD card to attempt to read them with my camera. THAT DID NOT WORK. So we have TWO problems. Copying files to a pc strips them of their identification as Raw Burst files. That's one. I have about SIX THOUSAND photos locked in limbo. YES I DO. I shot for two days while emptying my cards to continue non-stop shooting. ALL THAT WORK IS RUINED. Now DPP4 won't even recognize the files ON THE CARD.

I need, right now, a way to extract the photos. I need to know what ID element was stripped when I copied cards to computer. I need DPP4 to work and I NEED TO BE ABLE TO COPY FILES TO MY COMPUTER TO WORK ON THEM THERE> EXPECTING ME TO EXTRACT PHOTOS WHILE ON A SHOOT IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

My return window is closing so I need answers as soon as possible or this thing is going back and I'm buying the OM1 where Pro Capture DOES work. Please don't tell me to reinstall anything I am NOT an idiot. Been there done that.

Thank you.