This Lens Tells Stories: SmugMug’s New Campaign Sheds Light on the Passion, the “Why,” and Impact of Photographers

This Lens Tells Stories: SmugMug’s New Campaign Sheds Light on the Passion, the “Why,” and Impact of Photographers

SmugMug, known for its photography management and sales platform, is launching a new marketing campaign titled “This Lens.”  Aimed at celebrating the power of photographers to change perspectives and the world, “This Lens” aims to tell stories of real-life photographers and their pursuits.

Inspired by the timeless images of a true icon of folk music, Woody Guthrie, whose guitar was emblazoned with the message “This machine kills fascists,” this campaign acknowledges that this inspired generations to come. Translated to photography, SmugMug knows very well that photographers hold the same power to change minds and inspire generations. In the right hands, the camera is among some of the most powerful tools that can influence millions.

“In the hands of a passionate photographer, the camera has the power to change the way people think,” says SmugMug VP of Marketing Scott Kinzie. “We believe a powerful photograph can change public opinion, expose hidden stories, start a movement, or show the humanity of everyday life. A passionate photographer has the power to challenge how we see the world and each other.” 

Five photographers, each working in a different genre, are presenting their own authentic stories on how photography was a transformative tool for them. Photojournalist Jay Ford shares his perspective on covering protests. Nomad Andy Best explores his lifestyle chasing landscapes. Rock climber and adventure photographer Tara Kerzhner talks about how she pursues perfect light. Michal Perchardo aims to preserve his family legacy with portraiture. Lastly, Sapna Reddy recounts how nature photography acts as a nice counterweight to her career as a physician.

SmugMug puts the broadening of perspectives center stage in this campaign. Shedding light on the unique passions of photographers — astro, fine art, landscape macro, portrait, street, and so on — SmugMug hopes to inspire on why and how creatives achieve success and fulfillment in their genres.

“This Lens” gives us an insider’s perspective on what drives a photographer to focus on a particular subject or story,” says Kinzie. “SmugMug believes in the emotional power of these stories, and by sharing them, we hope we can inspire others to pick up a camera and tell their stories, too.”

In order to read the inspiring stories and spotlights, as well as find opportunities to share your own authentic experiences, follow this link.

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