NFL Quarterback Misses Last Play of Game Because He Was Taking a Selfie

NFL Quarterback Misses Last Play of Game Because He Was Taking a Selfie

Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins missed the last play of his first NFL victory this past Sunday. The reason? He was taking selfies with fans in the stands. 

Haskins went 13 for 29 for 156 yards and led the Redskins to a go-ahead field goal with just seconds left, after which an interception by Washington ensured them the victory. Haskins said he thought the game was over, so he went to the stands to celebrate with fans, taking a selfie with a few. Unfortunately for him, there was still time on the clock after the interception, and Washington needed to run a final play to run out the clock. Backup quarterback Case Keenum had to come in to take the final snap. 

Said Haskins: “I thought the game was over with already, but I’ll get it next time." 

Coach Bill Callahan was unamused and said the team would discuss the incident with Haskins. Fans were a bit more understanding, saying they understood how excited he was. 

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I'd be livid if I was the coach. But pro sports is more entertainment than genuine competition anyway, so the quarterback probably acted appropriately in the spirit of the occasion, despite missing the final play.

A load of fans will be absolutely made up that their hero took time out to do it... so whilst its annoying for the coach its a massive boost in fan relations for the club/team. Not sure what its like over the pond but the majority of our Footballers in the UK are self absorbed arrogant tools and just walk past ignoring fans.

Social Mememedia is one hell of a drug...

He's lucky there were Redskins fans still in the stands at the end of the game. Sure the coach should be mad but if/when he stops to think about it, that is the best PR that the team has gotten all year.

Maybe they market "get your selfie with DH" during the game and can get people to show up at the games.