Monte Isom's Pepsi Photoshoot With Jahvid Best

A few weeks ago I posted a video that created a lot of unintentional buzz about poorly compositing athletes together on a football field. Well this video from Monte Isom doesn't include much photoshop but still produces a lot of great images. Monte always has a great time on his sets and hopefully you NYC readers will be able to share a drink with him tomorrow at our FS Meetup.

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Anonymous's picture

Hand holding an RZ67 all day, that's how you know Monte is the man!

Monte missed a shot though. Where's the "grip the pepsi 2 liter like a football" shot?

Golgo Thirteen's picture

Crisp, clean. I like this shoot, UNLIKE the S.I. shoot that looked mad wack. Large format camera? Geez

Drew Morris's picture

None of those images did anything for me, i was thinking the images would be as great as Pepsi is large. Not only that but the very opening pan of the sign was OOF!

Rick Denham's picture

too bad they kept the guys clear shield on, no need for that in advertising, only makes for dirty reflections.
other than that, images are nice and tight, with some sweet lighting.