Five Essential Tips for Better Street Photography

There are no shortcuts to producing compelling photographs on the street: just practice. However, here are five tips that will help your progression run a little more smoothly.

Experienced street photographer Faizal Westcott has put together this list of ideas that he regards as essential for everyone heading out in public to capture life in the city.

One aspect that new photographers tend to struggle with is confidence, and while Westcott makes a strong argument for shooting alone, heading out with another photographer — certainly when you’re new to this style of shooting — can make your bolder in your decision-making. Another person can be a distraction or risk that takes you away from what you want to shoot, but if it’s a fellow photographer, it can give you a greater sense of focus and more determination to shake off the self-consciousness that tends to hold people back.

If you want more tips on how to feel more confident in your street photography, check out this excellent video from Eren Sarigul.

What other tips would you add to Westcott’s list? Be sure to let us know by leaving your ideas in the comments below.

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