Street Photography Advice That You Should Probably Ignore

Photography can be a minefield when it comes to what warrants good advice and which rules you should follow. Street photography is perhaps one area where certain strong opinions on what’s allowed and what isn’t can sometimes be ignored.

Photographer Roman Fox takes us on a walk through London discussing a few of the supposed rules that he’s encountered over the years and why he thinks they’re not necessarily much use, particularly for those that are less experienced.

Cropping is one area where I very much agree with Fox, especially for those starting out with their photography. Spending time cropping your images and trying different framings can give you a much better understanding of how composition works. This is knowledge that you then take with you the next time that you head out with your camera, your eye having been upgraded thanks to some unconsciously absorbed lessons courtesy of Lightroom’s Crop tool. Some wear the claim that they don't crop their images like a badge of honor, and while it's nice to get it right in camera, you might be missing out on improving individual images and gaining some valuable understanding along the way.

What would you add to Fox's list? Let us know in the comments below.

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