BTS: Profoto RFI Softbox Test Shoot With Tobias Björkgren

Back in November Profoto released a new softbox, the RFI line of softboxes that come in several shapes and sizes along with several other new features. Stockholm-based photographer, Tobias Björkgren, was one of the very first to try out the new softboxes at his studio. He chose to test the RFi 1×1.3’ and the RFi 1×6’ on model, Kajsalina.

As soon as the softboxes were delivered on his doorstep Tobias set to work on testing them out.

“The images were shot using just the softboxes,” says Tobias. “I wanted to see what the softboxes could do by themselves. I also wanted to play around a little and avoid the most obvious solutions. For instance, the images where the model is wearing a black dress were shot using just the RFi 1×6’ with the Stripmask attached. I wanted an evenly lit image with distinct and interesting shadows, and I think the RFi 1×6’ was a great help in achieving that result. The fact that you can not only slide the softbox back and forth on the head but also turn it 360° is extremely useful. Add the possibility of using the light fall-off and the optional accessories, and you have a wide range of alternatives with just a single softbox!"

“I also did a couple of close-up shots with the same set-up. If you take a closer look at the catch light in her eyes, you can actually see the RFi 1×6’. I think it’s an interesting catch light. It looks a little bit like a cat’s eye, but not so much that it seems silly.” -Tobias Björkgren Via:



“For the final set of images (the ones where the model is wearing a spangle jacket) I used the RFi 1×1.3’ together with an older 2×3’ RF that I have in my studio. The RFi 1×1.3’ is standing in almost the same position as before, just a little bit further back and to the right. The 2×3’ is standing camera left and is used to light up the shadows.” -Tobias Björkgren Via:



Profoto_RFi_TobiasBjorkgren_1 Profoto_RFi_TobiasBjorkgren_2


If you would like to read more about Tobias's experience with the Profoto RFI softboxes you can check out the full article on Profoto's website. 

Also, be sure to check out Tobias's other work on his website: Tobias Björkgren Media

Connect with him on Facebook: Tobias Björkgren Photography on Facebook

  • Photographer: Tobias Björkgren
  • Model: Kajsalina Kohlberg
  • Makeup & Hair: Karolina Danielson
  • Stylist: Camilla Nilsson
  • Lighting Assistant & BTS: Gordon Andersson
  • Assistant: Linda Jansdotter


Via: Profoto.comTobias Björkgren

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Funny these are actually Creative Light modifiers rebranded to Profoto (both MAC group) and added 20%-30% to the price. 


noi vrusem sa vedem țâța

I get how to shoot like this but could really do with some tips on how to edit and retouch the images. Any one have any tips? 

You mean, retouching for fashion and beauty? You can find tutorials on Dodge and Burn on Youtube and Vimeo...and basically any non destructive process for photoshop

Yes thanks I will look into this. It would be nice to see a complete shoot though in terms of we see how this shoot was done and then are just plonked with the final images with no talk of the post process. 

" basically any non destructive process for Photoshop" when you change the value of a pixel you destroy it. Photoshop lies

Yes but it's non destructive in the sense that you can return to the original file if you use masks and layers. If you dodge and burn using the tools you are stuck with however many undos you have preset. 

Still not sold on why I should pay hundreds for a branded softbox when I can pick one up for 30 bucks made in china and its just as good.

It's like buying an L series lens and putting a cheap filter in front.

Profoto markets their stuff for pros that demands exact color cast and other expensive stuff from their monobloc.

A cheap chinese softboxes might just add a weird color cast...

Have bought a cheap strip-softbox and it's way bluer than my others :(

I have expensive 'branded' boxes and cheap 'sino' ones.  Sure they shape light, but they are not built the same.

@Archie yeah hire a retoucher with years of experience, or spend a few years learning yourself instead of asking for simple fixes in the comment section of blogs LOL

I don't mind learning myself but I am not sure where to start. 

 YOUTUBE! GOOGLE! DAFUQ! If you don't mind learning yourself then you would already be using those instead of wanting it handed to you! If you get how to shoot like this then you will see it hardly has been retouched, unless retouching to you means adding saturation and adjusting color....

I probably didn't explain myself well enough. I am doing the youtube route etc. but I find it difficult to find good consistent content. I was also looking for some more walkthroughs to shoots from starts to finish. As a beginner I find it hard to learn a technique when the shots I have done look completely different from the shots that they are using. 

I suppose I'll just go back to looking on my own. 

Great fun video, i do love these BTS video's, you can learn so much from just watching someone work.

With images so heavily retouched/manipulated now a days it is very hard to 'see' what modifiers actually do?  In reality, 99% of us could not tell 'exactly' what modifiers were used on any shots.