How to Film and Edit a Vlog Quickly

Many thought vlogging would be a brief trend, but it's safe to say that was not an accurate prediction. Many content creators weave in vlogs as a way of engaging their audience further and more regularly. However, shooting and editing vlogs can be highly time-consuming unless you know what you're doing.

Although I have shot and edited videos on many occasions for many different purposes, I haven't ever vlogged. I know vloggers and I have family members who vlog, but until you've tried it, you just don't realize how tricky it can be. Then, when I was reviewing a gimbal for the iPhone, I decided to create a vlog one day (albeit less talking head stuff and more storytelling), and I quickly learned that if you don't have a tight workflow, it's rough.

If you're a beginner, not only do you often not have a concept of what your final video will look like, but you don't know every shot you'll need until you're editing. Then, the editing side of the equation was a minefield too. A lot of the issues are a result of a lack of experience, of course, but videos like Peter Lindgren's above can save you a lot of time figuring things out by making mistakes. Lindgren has been making vlogs for years and it shows in the quality of the results.

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