Three Cheap and Easy Setups for Product Photography and Video

The team producing tutorial videos at Shutterstock are well experienced in movie and ad production. In this video they run through how to shoot three different ads without a budget.

Fstoppers has a tutorial on getting the hero shot, which is in-depth yet easy to do and understand. This video is a short look into how to shoot product video, build a portfolio, and do it at a low cost.

First, you need to think about the product you want to shoot. Consider the textures and what effects you can get with regards to light reflecting off of it. Choose an environment you want this product to feature in, and build that set in the best way possible.

Reflections you get onto surfaces and the textures of the materials you use will add to the ambience of the video you’re making, and it’s all the small details like this that gives the video that special professional finish. The one other thing I got from the video are the lenses used and why. The Sigma 18-35mm lens gives you the ability to get close to the product, but also the ability to shoot wide.

I’ve shot some product videos for my portfolio, and it’s always great to see how someone else approaches a similar project. There are some great tips during the video too like using fake ice and to add glycerine to the water spray bottle to give your glass that extra cold look which lasts longer than just water.

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Good stuff.