8 Tips for Photographing Your First Wedding Successfully

Want to get started in wedding photography? These eight tips will make sure you start off on the right foot.

Being chosen to photograph a couple's wedding is a tremendous honor, but for new photographers, it's wildly exciting, massively stressful, and potentially nerve-wracking. If you're a photographer who has been asked to shoot their first wedding or if you're just starting out and are looking to build your portfolio, it can be tricky trying to figure out exactly what you need to do to make sure the photos turn out amazing. 

So, what can you do to tone down these nerves and set yourself up for success as you photograph your first weddings? Preparation is key, as is proper communication with your team and your clients. Set proper expectations. Protect yourself legally. Communicate clearly and often. This video will share eight important tips so that you can deliver amazing wedding photos that your couples will cherish forever. 

Nicole Chan is an experienced wedding photographer based out of Boston. After having photographed 500 weddings, these tips about hiring a good team, getting organized before the wedding day, and essential contract items are crucial. Weddings are important (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime events without few to zero opportunities for a redo! Fortunately, with a bit of preparation, you can ensure that your photos turn out beautifully. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Nicole.

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Jason Vinson is a wedding and portrait photographer for Vinson Images based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. Ranked one of the Top 100 Wedding photographers in the World, he has a passion for educating and sharing his craft.

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