Carsten Fleck shoots Carol Hannah's first bridal collection

Carsten Fleck is an amazing fashion photographer out of NYC. In this video he teams up with Carol Hannah of Project Runway fame to shoot her 2010 bridal collection. This video was sent in by a viewer and I instantly recognized the model Courtney since she started her career right here in Charleston. We were also lucky to have Carrol Hannah show off her designs at this year's Charleston Fashion Week so the dress had a bit of familiarity as well. It's always fun to see what everyone is up to and this project is really cool. Here are some details Carsten gave about the shoot:

"The shoot for Carol Hannah for her Spring/Summer 2011 Bridal collection was done for press, her website and her online Etsy store.

The shoot took place in Williamsburg at the loft I live in. I used a Nikon D300 tethered to a MacBook Pro and the images were captured in Lightroom. All packs I used are Ascorlights and are about 35 years old. They are affordable and get the job done. I had four heads with umbrellas on the background, one medium silver Chimera softbox coming from the front and two heads bouncing in the seamless in front of the model to open up the lower portion of the dresses.

It was a fun day and we did a total of 22 shots. Carol Hannah and the rest of the team were a joy to work with. Thank you guys!

Special thanks to Paul Alves from Michael C. Fina for shooting this video."

Check out more of Carsten's work at

Carol Hannah Bridal Spring/Summer 2011 from Fina TV on Vimeo.

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