Free Wedding Cinematography Workshop With Vanessa & Rob

If you've always wanted to get into wedding cinematography then this is your jump start. Starting at 9AM tomorrow, Monday December 3 creativeLIVE will be hosting a FREE Wedding Cinematography workshop With Vanessa & Rob. Together, they've got a career's worth of film-making knowledge and will be packing it into this three day course. They will be teaching how to start your own cinema company, make it successful and how to keep the doors open. You'll also learn everything you need to know about filming a wedding, building a story and then editing a compelling film. Topics will range from what equipment to use, how to use it correctly, audio, planning the day, filming the key parts, organizing footage, editing program pros and cons, story-building, delivery, marketing, branding and how to do it all. As always, the course is free while it’s live but if you want to watch it later you can pre-order it now for only $99. If you plan to watch it live, log on and enroll now.

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can I get a hell yea!