Some Weddings Require Helicopters And Snow Skis

This video is a bit unusual to say the least. When Anita Nowacka was asked to photograph a wedding on top of a remote part of Telluride, she grabbed her gear, suited up, and jumped into a helicopter. Shooting any wedding can be tough work but I can only imagine the issues Anita faced working in such extreme weather. This video is mostly a promotional video for Black Rapid's camera straps but it's still a fun video to watch especially if you enjoy shooting destination weddings. Check out the final photos over on Anita's Blog; I really love the shot of the musicians on skis as the bride makes her decent to the ceremony.

ROCKSTAR PHOTOGRAPHERS - Anita Nowacka from Mad Pants Productions on Vimeo.

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Jason Peters's picture

That's my kind of wedding! If more of those kinds of weddings were happening, I would be a wedding photographer.

Garrett Graham's picture

I didn't see any great pictures?

Peter Richards's picture

@Garret - If you READ, final Photos are on Anita's blog. Great work Anita! If all weddings were like that, I might like weddings :)

Patrick Hall's picture

I know if I were the photographer I would have really really wanted a dress only portrait up in the mountains...I think the winter outfit sort of took away from it all but when in the world are you ever going to shoot a wedding like that anyways? Also, first rule is you gotta please the bride first and foremost.

I love photography but wedding photography is one of those very iffy spots. If you please the bride and groom you have achieved what is needed. But the difficult part is that the images are typically uninspiring due to the style of most wedding photographers. The concept was very good, but the execution leaves something left to be desired. They should have hired a sports photographer like Chase Jarvis to shoot something like this because I think that is what they were going for when they took the photographer to such extreme climates.

The final images looked as if the photographer was overwhelmed with the experience. The wide angle lens up close to the brides face was not so awesome and the irritated looking skin due to the cold and choice of natural light without a cto fill flash left them both looking in pain. Many wedding photographers resort to the wide angle lens for unique quirky shots but in a situation like this, I think the composition could have been better. They looked like vacation pictures that Im sure these people already had. The composition was off and shot selection was not very good due to the fact this photographer probably never shoots action/sports of this nature thus didn't know the good angles to shoot. By contrast someone like Chase Jarvis would have because that's one of his strong points.

Keep in mind this is for constructive criticism because this is an open thread that is intended for such comments. I'm sure the photographer got enough rave reviews and thus my unimportant comments should not matter much as they are simply my opinions. No one died and left me in charge. I just think wedding photographers are really exposed to their limitations when they step outside of typical wedding photography, and it shows.

Patrick Hall's picture

It's funny you say this because I try to give advice to wedding photogs time to time. I believe that if you spice up your photos and are able to slip in some high production or highly stylized photos during the wedding...then eventually you can make your entire portfolio 'hero shots' that will then attract couples who want that type of work.

I don't buy the idea that you have to be uninspiring simply because you are a wedding photographer. In fact I think it's quite the opposite. When I work for other non wedding clients, usually they want something specific and we worth together to create that final image or images. With weddings, most of my clients completely trust me and are blown away if I pull out some dramatic lighting or do something that looks unlike anything they've ever seen.

I feel like I am more versatile as a photographer BECAUSE I shoot weddings. I recently saw a video of Chase Jarvis interviewing Jasmine Starr and to his own admission...we would make a horrible wedding photographer. All in all, I would say shooting a wedding is much more like photojournalism where you have to be everywhere at once and capture lots of moments as they happen. Many sports photographers are stationed very strategically and are after those 1 or 2 shots that happen to come to their side of the court/field. If you were to tackle 'most' weddings as a wildlife/sports shooter I think you would fail miserably. Approaching wedding photography as a photojournalist and advertising photographer is a much smarter way to build up an impressive wedding portfolio. All my opinion of course :)

There are exceptions to every situation and so I honestly say typically but not always.

Also that link you posted Patrick is fantastic. WONDERFUL wedding photos. I have some wedding video productions that are insane also. I might submit them one day. I probably kill your inbox enough with stuff.

I've got to agree. There are times when I'm out on a job and shooting weddings has helped me "see" those spontaneous moments I might have missed otherwise. I also shoot behind the scenes stills for movies and I do the same thing I do at weddings. Always looking for the moment that tells a whole story with just one shot.

i agree. watchin the vid and seeing the amount of shutters she was clicking. her edit on her website is not very exciting. and yes. downright boring. i have a feeling she didn't think too much about positioning herself in the snow. wide angle skiiing next to/in front of the couple would've been better. the snow takes up too much space in the photo. she looks like she was trying to play catch up with the couple but could not. they do look like snapshots and nothing out of the ordinary.

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Anita is my bud and she's very cool peeps!

Every photo is exposed poorly for snow. You can't have photos with that much contrast in that environment. For a shoot with so much potential I think she's really missed the mark.

This is definitely not your normal, boring wedding photography.

nice video still

Cool commercial.